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GeForce GT 210 vs Radeon HD 5450


The GeForce GT 210 has a GPU clock speed of 589 MHz, and the 512 MB of DDR3 memory runs at 800 MHz through a 64-bit bus. It also features 16 Stream Processors, 8 TAUs, and 4 Raster Operation Units.

Compare those specifications to the Radeon HD 5450, which comes with GPU clock speed of 650 MHz, and 512 MB of DDR3 memory set to run at 800 MHz through a 64-bit bus. It also is comprised of 80(16x5) Stream Processors, 8 TAUs, and 4 ROPs.

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Power Usage and Theoretical Benchmarks

Power Consumption (Max TDP)

Radeon HD 5450 19 Watts
GeForce GT 210 31 Watts
Difference: 12 Watts (63%)

Memory Bandwidth

Both cards have exactly the same bandwidth, so in theory they should have the same performance. (explain)

Texel Rate

The Radeon HD 5450 should be a bit (approximately 10%) better at anisotropic filtering than the GeForce GT 210. (explain)

Radeon HD 5450 5200 Mtexels/sec
GeForce GT 210 4712 Mtexels/sec
Difference: 488 (10%)

Pixel Rate

If using high levels of AA is important to you, then the Radeon HD 5450 is a better choice, but not by far. (explain)

Radeon HD 5450 2600 Mpixels/sec
GeForce GT 210 2356 Mpixels/sec
Difference: 244 (10%)

Please note that the above 'benchmarks' are all just theoretical - the results were calculated based on the card's specifications, and real-world performance may (and probably will) vary at least a bit.

Price Comparison

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GeForce GT 210

Check prices at:

Radeon HD 5450

Check prices at:

Please note that the price comparisons are based on search keywords - sometimes it might show cards with very similar names that are not exactly the same as the one chosen in the comparison. We do try to filter out the wrong results as best we can, though.


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Model GeForce GT 210 Radeon HD 5450
Manufacturer nVidia AMD
Year October 2009 February 4, 2010
Code Name GT218 Cedar PRO
Memory 512 MB 512 MB
Core Speed 589 MHz 650 MHz
Memory Speed 1600 MHz 1600 MHz
Power (Max TDP) 31 watts 19 watts
Bandwidth 12800 MB/sec 12800 MB/sec
Texel Rate 4712 Mtexels/sec 5200 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate 2356 Mpixels/sec 2600 Mpixels/sec
Unified Shaders 16 80(16x5)
Texture Mapping Units 8 8
Render Output Units 4 4
Bus Type DDR3 DDR3
Bus Width 64-bit 64-bit
Fab Process 40 nm 40 nm
Transistors 260 million 292 million
Bus PCIe 2.0 PCIe 2.1 x16
DirectX Version DirectX 10.1 DirectX 11
OpenGL Version OpenGL 3.2 OpenGL 3.2

Memory Bandwidth: Memory bandwidth is the maximum amount of information (measured in MB per second) that can be moved over the external memory interface in one second. The number is calculated by multiplying the card's interface width by its memory clock speed. In the case of DDR memory, it must be multiplied by 2 once again. If DDR5, multiply by ANOTHER 2x. The better the card's memory bandwidth, the faster the card will be in general. It especially helps with AA, High Dynamic Range and higher screen resolutions.

Texel Rate: Texel rate is the maximum number of texture map elements (texels) that can be applied in one second. This figure is worked out by multiplying the total amount of texture units by the core clock speed of the chip. The higher the texel rate, the better the video card will be at handling texture filtering (anisotropic filtering - AF). It is measured in millions of texels per second.

Pixel Rate: Pixel rate is the maximum amount of pixels the graphics card could possibly record to the local memory in one second - measured in millions of pixels per second. The figure is worked out by multiplying the amount of Raster Operations Pipelines by the clock speed of the card. ROPs (Raster Operations Pipelines - aka Render Output Units) are responsible for outputting the pixels (image) to the screen. The actual pixel rate is also dependant on lots of other factors, especially the memory bandwidth of the card - the lower the bandwidth is, the lower the potential to get to the max fill rate.

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GeForce GT 210

Check prices at:

Radeon HD 5450

Check prices at:

Please note that the price comparisons are based on search keywords - sometimes it might show cards with very similar names that are not exactly the same as the one chosen in the comparison. We do try to filter out the wrong results as best we can, though.


33 Responses to “GeForce GT 210 vs Radeon HD 5450”
fearpplen says:

HD5450 of course. Low power and still wins GT210

Nils says:

Glad I went with the HD5450!
I wish I'd discovered this website before!

Shefath says:

Rejoice all you want,but I used to have both of them.G 210 works well in Crysis,metro 2033 etc. Whereas performing slightly bad in Assassins Creed and Splinter cell conviction.And the 5450 results were Vice Versa. It is due to the games supporting the architecture of different makes.

vysakh says:

gta4 has poor performance on my ati 5450. i dont know abt gforce210

svend says:

Does both cards have sound over hdmi ?

Que tarjeta grafica me recomiendan? says:

[...] diferentes tarjetas de video, ami me ayudo para elejr la que tengo ahorita, espero que te sirva. GeForce GT 210 vs Radeon HD 5450 – Performance Comparison Benchmarks @ Hardware Compare En cuanto a calidad la mejor es la Nvidia pero sus precios son muy elevados, la ATI tiene buen [...]

Gladus Tek Ma says:

Bought the gt 210,
I say the Intel HD3000 is faster by 20%.
HD3000 running Mass Effect 3 1920x1080 Low at 20~30FPS but the GT210 ran at 5~13FPS.

mersso says:

i have galaxy geforce 210 ddr3 1Gb. and it runs test drive unlimited 2 & mafia 2 well. but i wanna try the hd 5450 too, i think it works better with my AMD.

christian says:

Yo tengo las dos tarjetas sólo las he probado con left 4 dead 2 y resident evil 5 y la ati es mucho mejor que la nvidia

Goede computer voor OS X - Page 14 says:

[...] heb gevonden dat de Radeon HD5450 beter presteerd dan de GeForce GT210, maar dan vind ik het toch vreemd dat op [...]

Lamb says:

Guyz,i have intel corei3 with hd 2000 graphics the cod black ops game will run smoother in res:1024*768 and ram is 2gb ddr3 guyz how abt bf3 can run in my hd2000 pls guyz rply me

Lamb says:

Hai christian the geforcegt210 is very...... Poor performance card i will use this card before i buy thz cpu
g210 is run gta 4, mw3,black ops. Bf3...also but the condition is keep the resolution and texture settings in low you will get smoother performance you will change the card for gts250 that is a amazing game performer...

Lamb says:

Hi guyz the g210 is a fucking gamercard this card is usefor proffessional defeneitly it is not a gamer card like 8400gs,7300se.gt210,7600gs also

Dinges says:

GT210 is NOT for gaming it is for Motherboards which don't have builtin graphics card. A card for gaming is a HD7770 or higher or older generations like Hd6770/Hd5770 and higher.

Please do not buy this as it is a waste of money if you have already got a builtin graphics on your CPU.

Anonymous says:

mejor la ati XD

Victor says:

I have an intel core i3 running at 3.3 Mhz with Intel HD 2500 Graphics. Is the same perfromance that Radeon HD 5450. If you have a processor like this or better, don´t waste yor money in graphic cards like these (Radeon 5450 or Geforce Gt 210). Go for Radeon HD 7770 or similar.

Bhaskar says:

@Victor u mean 3.3 Ghz not Mhz

Bhaskar says:

well i have a gtx 660 OC
i upgraded from gts 250 for Crysis 3

kalpesh says:

Brothers,Nvidia works good with Intel,becoz both are profesional in their field, on Gt210 you can play GTA 4 at medium with dual core CPU 2.70 ghz,so as comparede to HD 5450 it is more heating and sucking card. I had already tried those cards in my PC.

Jordi says:

Yo he probado las 2, y con la 5450 puedo jugar tranquilamente, y en la GT210, en menos de un minuto ya está sobrecalentada, y se apaga....

ahmed says:


John price says:

Hello i have nvidia geforce 210 1gb and its run assassins creed 4 blackflag on high settings with 8-10 fps

Sayooj js says:

John 's opinian is very very false,
Gforce 210 cant play in ultra low settings the assasins creed 4 black flag.very laging and stucks.
Because the HD Radeon 5450 better than nvida gf 210
Gf 210 a waste card..!

kxr says:

actually gt210 can run black flag at lowest resolution
5450 is better for that 19 watt tdp
but 210 can run tombraider far cry 3 in high resolution low settings I Hav used it
only problem is it is only dx10
it was great for me time to move on
if u r buying for 1st time at least gtx630 is needed
or go for gtx 750ti for mid range

zarmaan says:

i went with hd 5450 and discovered my mobo is picky about graphic cards.

Blaze says:

Hey guyz the HD 5450 can run AC Black Flag.I think itz better then GT 210

Thomas says:

Hello everyone,currently my pc specs are:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16 GhZ
and of course geforce 210.Right now i run league of legends at ~30 fps and in big fights the fps drop to ~15.I'm thinking of buying HD5450 but is it worth?Currently i'm looking a card that can give me at least 50 FPS.I think the rest of my specs are enough to run league of legends.Please help me because i don't really know much about graphic cards.

Anonymous says:

Why are you gaming with a 5450, anyway?

Do you enjoy putting your hand in a blender? What is this madness?

GatoSoft S.A. says:

Anon, if you haven't enough money to expend, you with what you have. I have a primary PC with a Cire i5 4670 plus GeForce 560 Ti 1 GB. GDDR5 and a secondary PC with a Core2Quad Q6600 plus AMD Radeon HD 5450 because I haven't enough budget to expend in another PC, needed in my house for use in gaming also with my wife. I can guarantee that 5450 give me enough power to play Super Street Fighter 4 AE in 720p at 40~50 FPS and medium quality and that made me very happy. Not to mention many other new games that can run in a pretty average speed in that hardware. All that with a very low cost. That's awesome. 😉

james adkins says:

gt 210 is actually a ton better than the 5450 mainly because most models of the 5450 dont have a fan, so you room will get toasty toasty, also if you have bad cooling in your case, that little fan on the gt 210 is a god send

Arshad says:

geforce 210 = waste of money
fucking graphics card never buy it

Mark says:

The real question here is would a potato be a better option than these two cards.
I think you all know the answer...

zinou says:

amd hd 5450 is betterrrrrrrr wOow

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