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GeForce GTX 560 Ti vs Radeon HD 6870


The GeForce GTX 560 Ti uses a 40 nm design. nVidia has clocked the core speed at 822 MHz. The GDDR5 memory is set to run at a speed of 1002 MHz on this specific card. It features 384 SPUs as well as 64 TAUs and 32 ROPs.

Compare all of that to the Radeon HD 6870, which has a clock frequency of 900 MHz and a GDDR5 memory frequency of 1050 MHz. It also makes use of a 256-bit memory bus, and uses a 40 nm design. It is made up of 1120 SPUs, 56 TAUs, and 32 Raster Operation Units.

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These are real-world performance benchmarks that were submitted by Hardware Compare users. The scores seen here are the average of all benchmarks submitted for each respective test and hardware.

3DMark Fire Strike Graphics Score

GeForce GTX 560 Ti 3470 points
Radeon HD 6870 2870 points
Difference: 600 (21%)

Power Usage and Theoretical Benchmarks

Power Consumption (Max TDP)

Radeon HD 6870 151 Watts
GeForce GTX 560 Ti 170 Watts
Difference: 19 Watts (13%)

Memory Bandwidth

Theoretically, the Radeon HD 6870 should perform a small bit faster than the GeForce GTX 560 Ti overall. (explain)

Radeon HD 6870 134400 MB/sec
GeForce GTX 560 Ti 128256 MB/sec
Difference: 6144 (5%)

Texel Rate

The GeForce GTX 560 Ti is a bit (about 4%) faster with regards to AF than the Radeon HD 6870. (explain)

GeForce GTX 560 Ti 52608 Mtexels/sec
Radeon HD 6870 50400 Mtexels/sec
Difference: 2208 (4%)

Pixel Rate

The Radeon HD 6870 will be a bit (about 9%) faster with regards to AA than the GeForce GTX 560 Ti, and should be able to handle higher resolutions better. (explain)

Radeon HD 6870 28800 Mpixels/sec
GeForce GTX 560 Ti 26304 Mpixels/sec
Difference: 2496 (9%)

Please note that the above 'benchmarks' are all just theoretical - the results were calculated based on the card's specifications, and real-world performance may (and probably will) vary at least a bit.

Price Comparison

GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Radeon HD 6870


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Model GeForce GTX 560 Ti Radeon HD 6870
Manufacturer nVidia AMD
Year January 2011 October 2010
Code Name GF114 Barts XT
Memory 1024 MB 1024 MB
Core Speed 822 MHz 900 MHz
Memory Speed 4008 MHz 4200 MHz
Power (Max TDP) 170 watts 151 watts
Bandwidth 128256 MB/sec 134400 MB/sec
Texel Rate 52608 Mtexels/sec 50400 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate 26304 Mpixels/sec 28800 Mpixels/sec
Unified Shaders 384 1120
Texture Mapping Units 64 56
Render Output Units 32 32
Bus Type GDDR5 GDDR5
Bus Width 256-bit 256-bit
Fab Process 40 nm 40 nm
Transistors 1950 million 1700 million
Bus PCIe x16 PCIe x16
DirectX Version DirectX 11 DirectX 11
OpenGL Version OpenGL 4.1 OpenGL 4.1

Memory Bandwidth: Memory bandwidth is the max amount of information (measured in MB per second) that can be transferred past the external memory interface in a second. The number is calculated by multiplying the card's interface width by its memory clock speed. In the case of DDR type memory, it should be multiplied by 2 once again. If DDR5, multiply by ANOTHER 2x. The better the card's memory bandwidth, the faster the card will be in general. It especially helps with anti-aliasing, HDR and high resolutions.

Texel Rate: Texel rate is the maximum number of texture map elements (texels) that are applied per second. This is calculated by multiplying the total number of texture units of the card by the core clock speed of the chip. The higher this number, the better the graphics card will be at texture filtering (anisotropic filtering - AF). It is measured in millions of texels per second.

Pixel Rate: Pixel rate is the maximum number of pixels the video card could possibly write to the local memory in a second - measured in millions of pixels per second. The number is calculated by multiplying the number of ROPs by the clock speed of the card. ROPs (Raster Operations Pipelines - aka Render Output Units) are responsible for filling the screen with pixels (the image). The actual pixel output rate also depends on many other factors, especially the memory bandwidth - the lower the memory bandwidth is, the lower the potential to get to the max fill rate.

GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Radeon HD 6870


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Sid says:

Stats can be tricky,as you can see in the benchmarks.These cards are of the same generation,they were built to compete with each other.Nvidia wins,for now.

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die gtx560ti ist viel besser und jeder sollte es wissen

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Jo eindeutig die gtx 560ti ist Besser

Vga de 150 lucas says:

[...] Re: Vga de 150 lucas No por mucho, pero le gana a una 6870. GeForce GTX 560 Ti vs Radeon HD 6870 – Performance Comparison Benchmarks @ Hardware Compare [...] says:

die gtx 560ti ist bisschen besser

Albert says:

Which one is better for a good price, the HD 6870 or the GTX 560 ti? i have a budget of 200 €

erik says:

Pls use a pci-e 2.1 motherboard and use better game like dirt 3, are u a pro nvidia or what ? i want to see real game min,avg,max,fps!!!!!!!!!

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erlin says:

tengo una intel i5 8 gigas de ram ddr 3 un disco de 500 que tarjeta grafica le devo poner por favor que alguien me ayude mañana pienso comprarla asi kl me pueden ayudar cual es mejor la ati 6870 hd o la gtx 560

Bitch Please says:

Omfg, 560 ti compete with 6950 u dumbnuts....

Diyer says:

The gtx 560 is by much better that the amd 6870..

1U Rackmount LCD says:

GTX560ti is newer and better than R6870. GeForce GTX 560 Ti, although more expensive is a faster graphics card. So go with the 560 ti if you're either going to play a lot of BF3, or want to future proof. Go with 6870 if neither of the above applies, or you just want to save money.
1U Rackmount LCD

Ddraig says:

uhm.. the GTX 560 TI is a lot more expensive than the 6870, its newer, and its also an upgraded version of the 560, so compare the 6870 and the 560 and the 6870 will win

SmileMan says:

hd6870 is better then the gtx560ti, they only need their drivers updated like nvidea...

(I got a single hd6870 in my system, runs bf3 on high settings and skyrim on ultra very nice... only with my 1920x1200 I need to set skyrim to high, and the fps drops sometimes then. I'm waiting on the new drivers!)

Junaid Farooq says:

LOl!!! GTX 569ti is better than 6870 as nvidia always f**k ATI

Junaid Farooq says:

I mean to say 560ti* is better than 6870

hardbass says:

6870 best very fast

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