Hardware Compare GPU Score

What is the Hardware Compare (HWC) GPU Score?

Tired of looking at gigantic numbers for Memory Bandwidth, Texel & Pixel rates? Us too... We're trying to simplify all the numbers, so you only need to look at one number to get an idea of which card is better than another. Basically, we're trying to put a number on GPU efficiency. This feature is still in beta, and we might change how it works in the future.

The HWC GPU Score gets calculated from the specifications of each card, with different specs being weighted differently, according to how much they matter in games. Basically, the higher the number, the better the card should be for gaming.

It puts a heavy emphasis on VRAM, which is something that most synthetic benchmarks don't take into account much, at least not at their default settings. So, this score is useful for people who are interested in gaming at higher resolutions.

Power consumption matters too, so if 2 cards have identical performance, the one that uses less power will have a slightly higher HWC GPU Score.


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