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GeForce GTX 570 vs GeForce GTX 650


The GeForce GTX 570 has a GPU core speed of 732 MHz, and the 1280 MB of GDDR5 memory runs at 950 MHz through a 320-bit bus. It also is comprised of 480 SPUs, 60 TAUs, and 40 ROPs.

Compare that to the GeForce GTX 650, which uses a 28 nm design. nVidia has clocked the core frequency at 1058 MHz. The GDDR5 RAM runs at a frequency of 1250 MHz on this card. It features 384 SPUs as well as 32 TAUs and 16 Rasterization Operator Units.

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These are real-world performance benchmarks that were submitted by Hardware Compare users. The scores seen here are the average of all benchmarks submitted for each respective test and hardware.

3DMark Fire Strike Graphics Score

GeForce GTX 570 4387 points
GeForce GTX 650 2263 points
Difference: 2124 (94%)

Power Usage and Theoretical Benchmarks

Power Consumption (Max TDP)

GeForce GTX 650 64 Watts
GeForce GTX 570 219 Watts
Difference: 155 Watts (242%)

Memory Bandwidth

Theoretically speaking, the GeForce GTX 570 should be 90% quicker than the GeForce GTX 650 in general, because of its greater bandwidth. (explain)

GeForce GTX 570 152000 MB/sec
GeForce GTX 650 80000 MB/sec
Difference: 72000 (90%)

Texel Rate

The GeForce GTX 570 is a lot (about 30%) faster with regards to anisotropic filtering than the GeForce GTX 650. (explain)

GeForce GTX 570 43920 Mtexels/sec
GeForce GTX 650 33856 Mtexels/sec
Difference: 10064 (30%)

Pixel Rate

If running with high levels of AA is important to you, then the GeForce GTX 570 is the winner, by a large margin. (explain)

GeForce GTX 570 29280 Mpixels/sec
GeForce GTX 650 16928 Mpixels/sec
Difference: 12352 (73%)

Please note that the above 'benchmarks' are all just theoretical - the results were calculated based on the card's specifications, and real-world performance may (and probably will) vary at least a bit.

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GeForce GTX 570

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GeForce GTX 650

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Model GeForce GTX 570 GeForce GTX 650
Manufacturer nVidia nVidia
Year December 2010 September 2012
Code Name GF110 GK107
Memory 1280 MB 1024 MB
Core Speed 732 MHz 1058 MHz
Memory Speed 3800 MHz 5000 MHz
Power (Max TDP) 219 watts 64 watts
Bandwidth 152000 MB/sec 80000 MB/sec
Texel Rate 43920 Mtexels/sec 33856 Mtexels/sec
Pixel Rate 29280 Mpixels/sec 16928 Mpixels/sec
Unified Shaders 480 384
Texture Mapping Units 60 32
Render Output Units 40 16
Bus Type GDDR5 GDDR5
Bus Width 320-bit 128-bit
Fab Process 40 nm 28 nm
Transistors 3000 million 1300 million
Bus PCIe x16 PCIe 3.0 x16
DirectX Version DirectX 11 DirectX 11.0
OpenGL Version OpenGL 4.1 OpenGL 4.3

Memory Bandwidth: Memory bandwidth is the max amount of information (counted in MB per second) that can be moved past the external memory interface in one second. The number is worked out by multiplying the card's bus width by the speed of its memory. If it uses DDR type memory, the result should be multiplied by 2 once again. If DDR5, multiply by ANOTHER 2x. The higher the bandwidth is, the better the card will be in general. It especially helps with anti-aliasing, HDR and higher screen resolutions.

Texel Rate: Texel rate is the maximum texture map elements (texels) that can be applied in one second. This number is calculated by multiplying the total amount of texture units by the core speed of the chip. The better this number, the better the graphics card will be at texture filtering (anisotropic filtering - AF). It is measured in millions of texels applied in a second.

Pixel Rate: Pixel rate is the maximum number of pixels that the graphics card can possibly record to the local memory in a second - measured in millions of pixels per second. The number is calculated by multiplying the amount of Render Output Units by the the card's clock speed. ROPs (Raster Operations Pipelines - aka Render Output Units) are responsible for outputting the pixels (image) to the screen. The actual pixel output rate also depends on lots of other factors, especially the memory bandwidth of the card - the lower the bandwidth is, the lower the ability to get to the maximum fill rate.

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GeForce GTX 570

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GeForce GTX 650

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Please note that the price comparisons are based on search keywords - sometimes it might show cards with very similar names that are not exactly the same as the one chosen in the comparison. We do try to filter out the wrong results as best we can, though.


7 Responses to “GeForce GTX 570 vs GeForce GTX 650”
katron says:

I do not get it. How come gtx570 is faster than gtx650? According to this page 570 has better clock speed but the specs says the otherwise. Confusing page.

Alex says:

gtx 650 is low end series of the 600 series.. the 570 is high end of 500 series.. the 600 does not mean superior over the 500 its just that as they make new cards they make new numbers .. get it now kiddo?
570 is sick card its based on gtx 580 just slightly slower.

Andy Chen says:

I think the 650 ti is better

Jacky Wu Is Ugly says:

I agree what you said Andy Chen the 650TI is better because it has TI

Patrick says:

euhhhh no 320 bit vs 128 bit

anthony festa says:

The gtx 650 is a bit newer and sometimes much more expensive but for older systems i would definitely take the 570 for certain games that i like but the 650 can be better at other things as they both have their advantages but i would save the money and run the 570s in sli :p

anthony festa says:

Yet again this card pulls so much juice from the psu that u need atleast a 550 watt psu to power it (1 if them) which is basically the same amount required for a gtx 680 which has 1000 cuda cores and much more to play with but the reason they are so cheap is mainly because noone wants them because they need a beefy psu to power something that small and weak compared to much bigger cards now cranking up almost 3x the gpu power than this while only using a very little amount more than these. A gtx 650 only uses 400 watts and i bet its still good for the amount of power it drains. Ik it gets much worse scores but u could get much better efficiency and spend less on a power supply and more on a better card. And the gtx 650 is a pcie 3.0 card unlike the 2.0 for the 570. And the 570 matches the performance of the 650 ti boost and the 750 ti which both are much more expensive but if u havent already gotten the psu u will have to spend more to get a psu that will be able to handle the 570 which might end up at the same price as either the 650ti boost or the 750 ti (if u can find a good deal on the 750ti sc go for it).

Im still getting a 570 tho just to play some of the lower end games on this old pc and keep it a small build since i already have a 600 watt psu ready to go.

Hope this helped anyone

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